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Post  drmhsuarez on Wed May 28, 2008 10:49 pm

Many Filipinos have migrated to other countries such as Canada, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and others. Many of us would like to follow and, given any chance just to be there, grab the opportunity to do so.
However, many Filipinos do not wish to leave as well. Why? Because their qualifications and experience are sometimes not recognized abroad. You may be an engineer in the Philippines but abroad youíd just be a cable man, a warehouse man or a laborer. You may still be in a construction or building environment, but your job is not what you wished for.
A person that I knew was a scholar in one of the most reputable schools in our country. He graduated with honors in accountancy and then went to America. Did they recognize his qualifications? NO! In order to survive, he worked as a janitor where he cleaned toilets. He studied again just to meet the US standard.
People say life in these advanced nations is not easy. You can earn big, but taxes are also big. Time is Money, so they often take part time jobs. They live in nice houses, but the rent or mortgage is expensive. This is the reason why most of them couldnít save much money. If you work in Japan, Italy or Saudi Arabia, within a year you can build a house already. In other countries, the pay is not much but the expenses are not much either. Some oil rich countries do not impose taxes.
Some parents donít want to live in a foreign country permanently. The Filipino tradition will not be fully practiced anymore especially among the children. We heard a story about a parent who was arrested because of his child. It was said that he scolded his teenage son and administered discipline as most Filipino parents do, which is to spank the kid. His kid reported him to the police and had him arrested, since it is a violation to hit a child. Laws donít even allow you to leave your small children at home if no adult is looking after them. So what did the parent do? When he was released from jail, he decided to bring his family back to Philippines.
Some of us donít want to migrate because of the distance. If something urgent happens to our loved ones, itís difficult to go back home because the airfare is expensive. One Filipino who migrated to Canada never get the chance to see his mother before she passed away. According to him, he had money, but just enough for the airfare. He said that if he goes home, he would have nothing to contribute for his motherís burial aside from being on leave without pay that could cause him to lose his job. Therefore, what he did is to just send the money for his motherís burial. It is a sad thing that he was not there for his mother for the last time, but he had no choice.
But some Filipinos would say that they wonít mind the hardships as long as there's a good future waiting for their children.
So, do you still want to MIGRATE? It's up to you to think what is best.

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