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Post  Admin on Sun May 11, 2008 2:22 pm

This forum will automatically assume that you are an alumni or a future alumni (student) of STS/SSAT/SSPC/SSU but we would request that you identify what batch/class you belong to, so that it will be easy for your classmates to identify you.

Teachers and professors of the university who are not alumni are welcome too!

Children ngan mga apo han mga kalagsan nga typewriter la an nahibaruan will also be most welcome to post the messages nga tikang han ira mga iroy, mga amay o kon ano pa man!

This is an alumni site and as such language will be highly moderated. It will be natural for us to sometimes argue and that's normal - ayaw la kita pag-paparaptayay kay madako an problema ni Man Simeon! Of course as we all converse here, diri maiiwasan an panlibak ngan panamay Twisted Evil - well that should be fine too, right?! Labina kon an ginlilinibak diri member hini nga forum! Then again... language will be highly moderated.

Lastly, you may ask the administrator to create dedicated threads for your batch, college or campus if you want to. Ngan ayaw hingalimot... puydi ka liwat mag-request para magin-administrator hini nga site kay an naghimo hini baga medyo malipung na it ulo ha kadamo gin-aasikaso nga pakabuhi!

That said... hala tikangi na an iristorya!



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