LIBRENG Aral Sa Computer - FREE Computer Course Training

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LIBRENG Aral Sa Computer - FREE Computer Course Training

Post  drmhsuarez on Wed May 14, 2008 9:37 pm

LIBRENG Aral Sa Computer - FREE Computer Course Training

The GLOBALPINOY CHAMBER OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES wishes to announce that it is giving free computer education to relatives of Overseas Filipino Workers as well as Pinoys living overseas ( Immigrants ) on Computer Typing ( For Beginners ) and Net Course ( Email and Internet ).

Email has emerged as the fastest way of communicating with your loved ones. It delivers messages in seconds even in the farthest part of the world.

To avail of the Libreng Aral sa computer for your loved ones, simply sbmit their names via email to or visit the website

Computer Typing (Learn Typing-Quick & Easy)
Net Course (Surf & Search;Email;Instant Messenger)
Webucation (Web Design & Web Publication)

LIBRENG-ARAL SA COMPUTER is a "free computer education" project of the Globalpinoy Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, Inc. - a non-profit, non-government organization with the objective to find expression and fulfillment for the Corporate Credo: "OUR ASPIRATIONS AND DESIRE IS THE TOTAL DEVELOPMENT OF OUR NATION" and contribute to the efforts of helping our country regain its respectable rank among nations and in the spirit of "People Helping People" and which aims to:

Motivate children and community members to information technology together through a triad of principles basic to the entire Libreng-Aral sa Computer Program organization: computer education, motivational activities, and family involvement in children's computer learning.

Reach people of all ages in a variety of settings, including schools, community centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, migrant labor camps, churches, hospitals, and health clinics.


Provide free tutorial and training as well as materials and computer resources to children and their families;

Motivate children to information technology (IT); and

Generate community support for computer literacy.

Computer education: Students have the opportunity to choose and learn a computer application at minimal cost to them or their families.

Fun computer-related activities: Computer learning really is FUNdamental in the Libreng-Aral sa Computer program. Volunteers motivate children and community members to learn with myriad festive e-learning activities that accompany each computer literacy event.

Family and community involvement: Libreng-Aral sa Computer headquarters provides training and technical assistance to enable volunteer program coordinators at each site to recruit and train additional volunteers to operate their Computer Learning Centers

Participant Roles:

Coordinator: Coordinators are the key element to a successful Computer Literacy Program. Each program has a coordinator who acts as a liaison with Libreng-Aral sa Computer headquarters and is responsible for day-to-day activities, computer learning events, volunteer recruitment and the completion of reports.

Volunteers: - Libreng-Aral sa Computer volunteers are diverse - parents, teachers, school administrators, teachers, students, retirees, service groups, local business employees, Libreng-Aral sa Computer alumni work together to support every unique program of the Libreng-Aral sa Computer. Volunteers assist the program coordinator by helping to select and order computers, organize computer literacy events, online tutorial, tell experiences, plan learning activities, publicize Libreng-Aral sa Computer and assist with fundraising.

Children: Children and groups receive computer training and participate in exciting motivational activities designed to encourage them to develop a life-long benefit from Information Technology.

For information, contact Libreng-Aral sa Computer at Telephone Nos. 9260860; Fax 4541426 or Mobile Phone 0920-4259973 or send Email to

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