Employment Opportunities in McDermott International

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Employment Opportunities in McDermott International

Post  drmhsuarez on Wed May 14, 2008 10:06 pm

Announcing job opportunities in our worldwide company (J. Ray McDermott)!

Job locations (Regions):
Asia Pacific
Lousiana, USA
Houston, Texas, USA

Please visit http://www.jraymcdermott.com/hr/hr_jobs.htm

Click desired location and look for available job items. Check updates.

Note: This is not a commercial ad but a public service for STS/SSAT/SSU Alumni for possible opportunities abroad.

Best wishes,

Dr. Manolo Suarez bounce
Medical Officer, Offshore Operations
J. Ray McDermott Middle East Inc.
P.O.Box 16961, Jebel Ali Free Zone
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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